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A Place to Utterly Relax

Let’s face it: everyday stressors are a pain…literally. Worrying about the bills, the ever-growing pile of paperwork and assignments on...

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Have a Laid-Back Weekend at Vela

Sometimes time can escape from you faster than you realize; one moment you’re working on a project from the office...

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Ease East of Phoenix

Staying in the shade during the summer to keep cool – ice drink on hand, battery powered handheld fan or...


A Home Fit for Two

At the luxury apartment community of Vela, located on the Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, AZ, we have beautiful two bedroom floor plans that provide privacy and luxury for you and your roommate!


Summer Sports Events in Tempe

There’s something about being in the middle of a stadium with a bunch of fans screaming your head off for...


Enjoy The Finer Things in Living

Trying to find the right luxury apartment community to live within can take quite a bit of searching. You always...


Where the Hottest Luxury Apartment Features Reside

Finding an apartment that lives up to your standards of luxury can be a daunting task. It always seems that...


Living it Up in your One-bedroom

Trying to find the perfect one-bedroom is a search that can grow tiresome quickly. There are a ton of factors...

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Feel the Thrill of Fun

The weekends may be short in comparison to the rest of the week, but they’re a good forty-eight hours that...

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Hope and Home to Keep Running

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to keep up a fitness program when the temperatures climb into the hundreds in...