Vela Apartments

A Home Fit for Two

At the luxury apartment community of Vela, located on the Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, AZ, we have beautiful two bedroom floor plans that provide privacy and luxury for you and your roommate!


Summer Sports Events in Tempe

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Enjoy The Finer Things in Living

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Living it Up in your One-bedroom

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Feel the Thrill of Fun

The weekends may be short in comparison to the rest of the week, but they’re a good forty-eight hours that...

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Hope and Home to Keep Running

Let’s face it: it’s not easy to keep up a fitness program when the temperatures climb into the hundreds in...

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A Temperate Home in Tempe

It’s pretty much a given fact even for those that don’t live in Arizona: it gets amazingly hot in the...

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A Two Bedroom Gem

Discovering the right two-bedroom luxury apartment home is easy when you search at the Vela luxury apartment homes in Tempe...

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A Different Kind of Theater Night

Everyone at this point knows the standard dinner and a movie date night: it’s a simple way to break the...