A Place to Utterly Relax

Let’s face it: everyday stressors are a pain…literally. Worrying about the bills, the ever-growing pile of paperwork and assignments on your office desk, and keeping up with a social life can eventually wear you out. Fortunately, here at the Vela luxury apartments, our great location near Phoenix offers a wide variety of nearby relaxation venues, whether you prefer to take out your stress through your favorite hobbies or if you prefer a more hands-on experience.

The Fuchsia, a luxurious day spa geared mostly towards women (though men are more than welcome to join,) has two locations; the closer to Vela, the Mesa location, stands only fifteen miles away, or about an eighteen-minute drive. This day spa offers anything you need to ensure that you’re relieved of your daily troubles, all while making sure you stay in your comfort zone and your time limit; they even offer special deals for first-time visitors, such as the fifty-minute custom massage or the full massage and facial package. Customize your personal visit with dozens of different facial, massage, waxing, nail, and sauna treatments to choose from, each guaranteed to clean out oils, ease built up tension in your muscles, and make you feel radiant at the end of the day. Spend a day all on your own, invite your friends and have a girl’s day out, or even set up a party or special events like a birthday or wedding. Finally, memberships are available to help you save money on every visit and get first dibs on special deals every month.

Get the best stress relief right here at the Vela luxury apartment homes in Tempe Arizona today! Visit our luxury apartment community in Tempe along with our open luxury apartments, and then make a reservation at the Fuchsia day spa in Mesa to treat yourself to ultimate comfort.

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