Instruments of the Soul

Have you ever really thought about how much dedication goes into making music? It doesn’t matter if it’s modern electronica, classical orchestra movements, or any sort of genre in between; each one requires a certain number of people working the song, adjusting the sounds and notes to make the composition perfect, and of course the instruments themselves, making all the noise into one symphonic cacophony. Here at Vela, our great location gives you the chance to see the best venues for celebrating the art of music, so any music lover can truly enjoy their favorite medium.

The Musical Instrument Museum, for example, stands out from the crowd; while there isn’t a large symphony there to play every piece, all the exhibits are there to observe, listen to, or even touch. It’s located around twenty miles away from our luxury apartments in Mesa; you can take a half hour drive right to the museum with their complimentary parking, or save on gas and take a bus ride over. Featuring five unique geographical galleries – Africa and Middle East, Asia and Oceania, Europe, Latin America, and United States and Canada – there’s over 6,500 different beautifully designed and polished woodwinds, strings, brass, and percussion instruments dating all the way back to 4000 BCE (BC.) Listen to live performances through audio tapes of certain instruments, or test them out for yourself through their interactive exhibits in the Experience Gallery. You can even see instruments used by famous performers, like John Lennon, Taylor Swift, and Elvis Presley in the Artist Gallery.

Delve deep into the music and how it works here at the Vela. Browse our beautiful luxury apartments to find the perfect home, and then make a visit at the Musical Instrument Museum on your next day off.

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