The HeART: Phoenix Art Museum

Art is worth more than the material it’s made out of. It’s not just a canvas sheet covered in thick oil paint; a clump of clay shaped with water, a turnstile, and hands to make an urn; or a marble stone pecked at by a sharp blade to form the semblance of a human being, but rather an expression of human culture, emotion, and a desire to mark their history on the world. Here at the Vela, our luxury apartments have the benefit of resting right by downtown Phoenix, giving you access to the best artist studios, museums, and exhibitions you’ll find in the southwestern US.

The Phoenix Art Museum, the biggest in the region, is no exception to this rule; featuring over 18,000 art pieces from all around the world, it’s almost impossible to explore in one trip. It’s located only eleven miles away from our luxury apartments in Tempe, a short fifteen to eighteen-minute drive right to the visitor parking. Venture through the permanent collection for a wide arrange of beautiful artworks, from the ancient pottery and jewelry crafted from the beginnings Egypt and China to classic European Renaissance paintings and murals, to Native American artifacts and brush works, all the way to contemporary fashion design and photography. Check out current exhibitions like the glittery Yayoi Kusama light display, Border Crossings – artwork from Mexico and the American Southwest, and Infinite Light, a photo gallery of the peaceful mountains of Tibet. Tickets are available for purchase online or at the door, with special discounts and deals including military and PAM members.

Delve deep into Phoenix’s artistic side at Vela Apartments. Explore our luxury homes in Tempe today, and then buy a ticket to see the collection at the Phoenix Art Museum on your next free day.

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