A Haunted House Horror Beyond Sight

It takes a certain kind of bravery to venture through a haunted house; you know fully well going in that you’re going to see some horrifying sights, enough to send chills down your spine or to make your jump from the floor in sudden, heart-stopping fright. But what if you went into a haunted house experience where you couldn’t see what horrors lie ahead…or what creatures may creep behind your back?

Located approximately twenty-eight miles away from our luxury apartments in Vela stands the spooky 13th Floor Haunted House attraction. Featuring two unique spooky themes, ranging from the paranormal and bizarre to the shockingly real and harrowing, this haunted house guarantees scares meant to startle even the boldest folks. One attraction especially stands out from the rest: The Blackout. Each group in attendance is given one glow stick to share, and they must brave the pitch-black venue and escape. There is a catch: all sorts of creatures and monsters lurk in the darkness, armed with night vision, and even though you may not see them, they’ll know where you are always. Expect some terrifying scares, and even the possibility of losing your group or your glow stick in the dark. There’s no time limit, and this attraction is not meant for the faint of heart, so tread lightly and make sure not to get lost…if you can. General admission tickets for both the standard and Blackout events are available online, though fast passes, skip the line tickets, and special group/event pricing will affect the cost of admission.

Dare to challenge the fears you can’t even see here at the Vela. Explore our great luxury apartments near Phoenix today, and then prepare yourself for the scares at the 13th Floor Haunted House.

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