The Best at your Doorstep

Living the best life possible is easy when you choose the right home in the neighborhood that supports your lifestyle. At the Vela luxury apartment homes in Tempe Arizona, you can enjoy the best luxury and all that Tempe has to offer. No matter the spacious layout or floor plan you choose, there is always space for the life you want to live. Enjoy perfectly designed apartment and community amenities featuring plenty to love and even more to share. Happiness isn’t limited to your time at home. Enjoy the surrounding vibrant neighborhood with plenty of experiences just waiting to thrill you. You’ve picked the best new home.

Tempe’s Best

Part of loving the new neighborhood means getting to taste everything it has to offer. Nowhere tastes better than the famous House of Tricks restaurant. No tricks here, just fine gourmet cuisine. In their own words “We are often asked how the unusual name “House of Tricks” came about. The answer is really quite simple; it is the last name of the owners, Robert and Robin Trick. When the Tricks first dated, many years ago, their favorite restaurant was in in Jerome, Arizona, “The House of Joy.” A few years later when they opened their own restaurant in an older home, the name House of Tricks seemed perfect! Opening in that little run-down house on Seventh Street turned out to be the best business decision ever made, as the opportunity to create the House of Tricks atmosphere anywhere else would not have been possible.”

Enjoy the best flavor of Tempe when you live at the Vela luxury apartment homes in Tempe Arizona today!

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